22.05.2017 12h30 | Déjeuner rencontre

Kay de Gier-Formanek & Dirk Luyten

Managing Director KAY Diversity and Performance &
Member of Executive Committee of INSEAD Global Women in Business Club

Harnessing Diversity of Talent for the Digital Revolution.

The Digital Revolution is at the heart of new innovations. However there is a critical barrier that is facing digital players, and this is the ability to find and harness the right diversity of digital talent. The digital talent gap is being deepened through the decreasing percentage of women assuming hard digital roles as they become increasingly marginalised in the domain of digital entrepreneurship.
During this lunch, the speakers will deliver some fascinating research on the business case for digital diversity and will set out their reasoning on why well designed company and country quota programs are necessary interventions to kick-start the assimilation and growth of diversity of talent in the digital economy.


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