The Team

The Cercle organises numerous activities for its members, and can count on efficiency of its staff doing their utmost to satisfy needs and desires of our members.

The Direction

Alexandra De Boeck

Chief Executive


Johanne Theunis

Secretary General

Cassandra D'Ermilio



Vanessa d'Hennezel



Marie-Hélène Schwennicke

Communication officer (newsletter and website)

Vincianne Delvigne

Officer-in-charge (activities and members' benefits)

Nancy van den Berghe

Graphic designer

Hélène Lebailly

Communication officer

Alexandra Daelmans

Communication officer

Event coordinator

Nathalie Müller

Event coordinator: daytime events

Magaly Bonsen

Event coordinator

Vanessa d'Hennezel

Event coordinator


Sylvie – Céline - Jean-Pierre – Paco - Eyup

Kitchen Team

Aymara – Placide – Ludovic – Daniel - Richard

The Captains

It is thanks to our Captains’ cooperation and dynamism that the Cercle offers different activities to its members sharing the same passion. 

Captain Classic cars

Hugues de Bellefroid

Captain Classic cars

Jean-Michel Detry

Captain Investment Club

Thomas Palmblad

Captain Investment Club

Yves Colot

Captain Golf

Patrick Raes

Captain Motorcycle

Thierry Janssen

Captain Cigar

Liliane Ceraulo

Captain Bridge

Abdul Rajan

Captain Hunting

Charles Lenz

Captain Tennis

René Grootaert

Captain Wine

Rodolphe de Pierpont

Captain Travel

Bertrand Mignot

Capitaine Wo-Man

Karine Becker

Captain Sailing

Bertrand Waucquez

Captain Sailing

Guy Cayron

Captain Sailing

Jo de Coninck

24.07.2017 | 19:00


Avant-première : Valerian et l ...

04.08.2017 | 17:00

Member Benefits

Art Nocturne Knocke: vernissag ...

11.08.2017 | 10:00

Member Benefits

Flowertime 2017

28.08.2017 | 18:00

Member Benefits

Ado Chale