Internal rules

• Entry to the Cercle: 

Entry to the Cercle is reserved for persons whose applications have been accepted by the Voting Committee, an independent body the members of which have been appointed by the Board of Directors. Members of partner clubs may gain entry to the Cercle in the same way as Cercle members provided they register and show their membership card for the partner club at the Secretariat.

• Admission of new members:
To submit an application, a request for admission drawn up on the relevant form, must be sent to the Deputy Administrator of the Cercle. The Voting Committee shall make the final decision on the application and need provide no justification for this.


•  Membership card:
Every year, a membership card will be sent to every member of the Cercle after he has paid his subscription.

•  Secretariat:
For the purpose of providing information and taking bookings, the Secretariat is available from 09.00 to 17.30hrs.
(P: +32 2 374 65 25 – F: +32 2 374 06 15 - cl@cl.be

•  Opening hours:
The Cercle is open during the week and closed for weekends and public holidays. The restaurant is available from Monday to Friday between 12.00hrs and 15.00hrs, and in the evenings, including at weekends, by reservation only, made for a minimum of 25 people. The bar is open from 11.30hrs.
Management may decide to close the Cercle at times of the year when noticeably fewer members are attending (e.g. during long weekends, holidays etc).

•  Private functions:
Members have the right to arrange private functions on the premises of the Cercle, even outside normal opening hours, provided rooms are available and subject to the Cercle’s programme of activities. The main restaurant (seating 110) and the Brasserie may be booked for a private function solely in the evening and at weekends. On the other hand, 8 rooms are available to members at lunchtime for any private function. In the evening, all the rooms in the restaurant and bar are available, on reservation, for cocktail parties and dinners, provided that a certain minimum number of covers are involved.

Evening dances may take place.




•  Guests:
Members may be accompanied by guests for whom they shall be responsible. Members’ spouses are to be treated in the same way as guests. Save where an exception is made and announced in advance, activities are reserved for members only.

•  Rules of decorum:
Practice in the bar and restaurant is not to rise to greet a new arrival.

•  Dress code:
Lounge suits and sports jackets are required. The wearing of a tie is not compulsory, save when participating in Cercle activities.
Casual clothing is permitted during fine weather but only outside.

•  Mobile phones:
It is highly recommended that these be left in the cloakroom.
Common areas should retain a relaxed and convivial character.

•  Payments:
Annual subscriptions should be paid as soon as the invoice is sent to members at the end of the year is received. Bills for the bar, restaurant, parking and activities should be settled promptly; at the end of the month they are received.

•  The review:
The Cercle de Lorraine review is sent to all members to keep them informed about the activities and life of the Cercle.

•  Expulsion - Resignation:
The Board of Directors may, unilaterally, at its discretion and without having to justify its decision, expel any member by so informing him by registered letter. The relevant portion of any subscription paid in advance shall be reimbursed to the expelled member.
In the event of a member resigning, the relevant portion of any subscription paid in advance shall be retained by the Cercle.

•  Rules:
These may be amended at any time by simple decision of the Board of Directors.







20.09.2017 | 18h00


B/FAF - Brussels Fine Art Fair ...

22.09.2017 | 12h15

Déjeuner conférence

Jean-Pierre Clamadieu

26.09.2017 | 12h30

Déjeuner littéraire

Jean-Pol Poncelet

28.09.2017 | 12h30

Déjeuner rencontre

Pierre Gurdjian