The Cercle Lorraine has concluded an agreement with Interparking, which runs the “Poelaert” car park under the square of the same name with a view to assisting members’ use of it when they are coming to the Cercle.

Interparking has arranged, at no fee, a personalised “Corporate” card to be made available to each member. The card will allow them to gain entry, not only to the Poelaert car park but to the 68 other car parks that Interparking runs in Brussels.

At the end of each month, Interparking draws up a single invoice based on the actual use of parking time by each member. This is chargeable to the Cercle’s operating company. In its turn, the latter re- invoices the sums involved to each of its members.

The Cercle has also negotiated with Interparking a 10% reduction in parking fees at the Poelaert for members, as well as free subscription to the “Corporate” card.

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