General conditions



 Application and opposability of the general conditions

The present general conditions apply to all services carried out by the Cercle de Lorraine and its potential sub-contractors.  All reservations for space and catering services imply that the Client fully adheres, unreservedly, to the present general conditions.  They constitute the contract binding the parties, excluding all the Client’s own conditions and without prejudice to the specific conditions contained in the offer.  No exemption to the present general conditions is allowed unless there is a written agreement from the Cercle de Lorraine.


Offers & Options

The offers & options (hereinafter called the Offers) submitted for renting the premises and for associated services are valid for a period of 10 calendar days.  The Offers are defined on the basis of the premises chosen, the catering formula selected and the number of guests stated by the Client, subject to adaptations that respect the present general conditions.  Offers are to be confirmed within 10 calendar days following their date of issue, this being the authenticated date, by returning the Offer and general conditions bearing the signature of the Client.


If no written confirmation has been received within the 10-day period, Cercle de Lorraine has the full right to cancel the Offer with no prior warning.


Confirmation of reservation

A deposit of 70% of the amount of the Offer will be invoiced to the Client once their written confirmation of the Offer has been received accompanied by a signed copy of the present general conditions.  The deposit must be paid within 10 calendar days.  Only payment of the deposit serves as confirmation of the reservation.


Cercle de Lorraine reserves the right, at its own discretion, to demand the total amount of the services as a pre-payment.


Failing receipt of the requested deposit within the stated term of payment, Cercle de Lorraine will not confirm the reservation and is fully entitled to free up the date(s) reserved by the Client, without formal notice and without prejudice to the application of the cancellation conditions specified hereunder, where applicable. 



In the Offer, tariffs are expressed in euro and include taxes. They may be modified if there is an increase in the price of raw materials, material or salaries between the date of the Offer and the date of it being carried out, however, this increase cannot exceed 15% of the total amount of the Offer accepted.  Prices will also be adapted respecting the present general conditions in relation to the final number of guests and the final formula selected.


 Cancellation conditions

Any cancellation of the reservation by the Client must be submitted to Cercle de Lorraine who   must then acknowledge that they have received it.

In this case, Cercle de Lorraine will invoice:


o   No costs if the cancellation is submitted and accepted by Cercle de Lorraine more than 60 calendar days prior to the date of the event.

o   An indemnity of 50% of the rental price of the premises if the cancellation is submitted and accepted by Cercle de Lorraine between 40 and 60 calendar days prior to the date of the event.

o   An indemnity of 70% of the rental price of the premises if the cancellation is submitted and accepted by Cercle de Lorraine between 39 and 30 calendar days prior to the date of the event.

o   An indemnity of 100% of the rental price of the premises if the cancellation is submitted and accepted by Cercle de Lorraine between 29 and 14 calendar days prior to the date of the event.

o   An indemnity of 100% of the total Offer, excluding catering, if the cancellation is submitted and accepted by Cercle de Lorraine  between 13 and 7 calendar days prior to the date of the event.

o   An indemnity of 100% of the total Offer if the cancellation is submitted and accepted by Cercle de Lorraine between 6 calendar days prior to the date of the event and the actual date of the event itself.


 Catering & sequence of events:

The catering is supplied exclusively by the Cercle de Lorraine and/or its exclusive service provider “JML”.

Catering services for clients requiring a specific cuisine (kosher menu) can be provided by another service provider other than JML.  In this case, the client will have to pay a right of use for the kitchens and infrastructure equivalent to 5 euro per person, excluding VAT, for a cocktail party or a walking dinner and equivalent to 10 euro per person, excluding VAT, for a meal where guest are seated at table, these charges are to be invoiced by JML to the other service provider.  

The Client can call upon the services of a company other than JML when they submit a specific request to do so.  JML will then invoice a compensation fee equivalent to 20% of the amount (including VAT) of the final invoice issued by the third party; when this sum is paid, JML will issue a receipt addressed to Cercle de Lorraine’s client for their accounting department.

The Client must confirm in writing to Cercle de Lorraine the choice of menu and the formula selected 14 calendar days prior to the date of the event at the latest.  The choice of menu and formula selected by the Client are identical for everyone participating in the event.


The exact number of people must be confirmed in writing/email 72 hours prior to the event at the latest. The number confirmed in writing will be the minimum number invoiced.


Cercle de Lorraine cannot guarantee additional place settings for requests that are submitted less than 48 hours before the date of the event, but will do everything possible to satisfy the Client’s request where possible, with an additional invoiced amount of 25% per guest as a supplement to the Offer.


In the hypothesis that Cercle de Lorraine has not been advised in accordance with the above conditions, and the number of guests is more than the number announced in writing by the Client: the Client accepts that the costs for the additional guests to be invoiced to the Client at the amount agreed in the Offer or in the subsequent confirmation emails will be increased by 50%.


The day of the provision of services, the Client is responsible for respecting the timing agreed between the Parties in order to allow the kitchen services of Cercle de Lorraine or JML to proceed with the correct sequence of service.




In the event of a delay on the part of the Client of more than one hour with regard to the agreed timing, Cercle de Lorraine reserves the right to cancel the service.  The Client’s contractual obligations remain in force and the Offer will be invoiced to the Client.


    Sound system

The Client pledges that they will not disturb nearby residents and that they will respect and oblige their guests to respect the rented premises as well as the surrounding areas.


   Intellectual property

The Client pledges to respect and settle all royalties, taxes, etc. due with regard to intellectual property and this applies to all items broadcast during the Client’s event, for example SABAM and Equitable Remuneration.


    Terms of settlement

The detailed account of the event will be established by Cercle de Lorraine within 14 calendar days following the date of the event and a final invoice will be issued.


Unless there is an agreement to the contrary, all invoices issued by Cercle de Lorraine are payable on receipt.  Any invoice that has not been paid when due is subject to interest on arrears of 12% per year, calculated per month or per fraction of a month, without any formal notice being required.


Moreover, any invoice which remains unpaid  in the month following the due date will automatically be increased by 12% with a minimum payment of €50, by virtue of the contractual clause, without any formal notice being required and without prejudice to any interest or legal costs.

  Joint and several liability

If, at the request of the Client, the invoice is issued in the name of a third party, the Client and the third party are jointly responsible for payment of the invoice and fulfilment of all other commitments resulting from the present general conditions.


  Termination of the contract

In the hypothesis that the Client does not respect the terms of these general conditions and/or seriously fails to honour their obligations, Cercle de Lorraine will be justified in terminating their commitments (and this at any time) without prior warning, or notice, or legal intervention, and without the Client being owed any indemnity.  On the contrary, in the event of a serious breach of contract on the part of the Client, the latter continues to be obliged to settle the amount of the Offer.  In any case, the amounts already paid or due at the date of termination of the contract remain the property of Cercle de Lorraine, without prejudice to any additional damages.



Cercle de Lorraine does not bear any responsibility whatsoever for any consequences, direct or indirect, due to an accidental event or a case of force majeure that could prevent or interfere with the execution of the contract.



A case of force majeure has the effect of suspending the execution of Cercle de Lorraine’s contractual obligations.


A case of force majeure is understood to be when an occurrence independent of the will of Cercle de Lorraine prevents an event from taking place or the services ordered and confirmed by the Client from being provided.


Notably, cases of force majeure are constituted by total or partial strikes that impede the correct function of Cercle de Lorraine or that of its suppliers, sub-contractors or transporters as well as an interruption in transport, energy supply and raw material supplies.


Cercle de Lorraine declines all responsibility for damages of any nature that could affect the property of the Client or their guests, unless they are caused by an intentional misdeed on the part of Cercle de Lorraine.


The Client is held responsible for all damage noted after the event that has been caused to the premises used as well as to the catering material.  Where applicable, Cercle de Lorraine can invite the Client to take out or have provided to them the insurance certificates required for the organisation of their event.  Cercle de Lorraine reserves the right to refuse to hold the event if the Client does not comply with this obligation.



Any protest whatsoever will be deemed unacceptable unless it has been sent to Cercle de Lorraine in the form of a registered letter within 8 days of the date of the invoice.  A complaint cannot in any case justify withholding payment.  In the event that a complaint is considered justified, Cercle de Lorraine’s responsibility cannot exceed the amount of the Offer.


  Personal data collections

The Cercle de Lorraine collects your personal data in order to perform efficiently the services which are the subject of the present general conditions and in accordance with our policy of confidentiality available on the website




The failure to implement a clause established in the present general conditions cannot be interpreted as a renunciation by Cercle de Lorraine of their right to take advantage of it.




The potential nullity of a clause in the present general conditions does not alter the validity of the other provisions.  The two Parties commit to establishing a new article correcting and replacing the previous article.




All litigation relating to the interpretation or fulfilment of the present general conditions will be decided in accordance with Belgian law and submitted to the jurisdiction of the French-language courts of the Brussels district.



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